Personal Training

If you want variety, motivation, supervision and most of all results, spending time with a personal trainer is the best way to achieve this and get results. Personal trainers can help with fitness, advice on healthy eating, your lifestyle and tackling habits such as smoking.

A personal trainer is your own specialist fitness coach. It is common for people to exercise on their own, although this trend is changing as people are beginning to recognise the increased benefits of having their training sessions supervised and their progress monitored.

All of Aquilla’s personal training staff have recognised qualifications and are trained to high standards. Please refer to the personal training display in the club, for a complete portfolio of Aquilla’s personal trainers.

Simply select a trainer that you feel will be most compatible and we will arrange a trial session to allow you to get to know each other. If all goes well, further consultations may be scheduled and from then on, it is down to you and your trainer to plan your future programme. Your progress will be monitored and regulated at all times.